National WIC Association

Dietitian I (WIC Community Nutritionist)

Alaska Department of Health & Social Services (Juneau, AK)

The Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Assistance, Family Nutrition Programs, Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is recruiting for a Dietitian I.

Under the direction of the Family Nutrition Services Programs/Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC) Director, and in collaboration with other Family Nutrition Program(FNP) Unit staff, the WIC/Commodity Supplements Food Program (CSFP)/ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Education (SNAP Ed) Community Nutritionist (Dietitian I) serves as the WIC and Community Nutrition expert participating in population-based nutrition interventions to prevent diet related chronic disease and improve health for all Alaskans.

Collaborates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of nutrition education counseling methods, materials, and delivery systems for nutrition education campaigns to meet the special nutrition education needs of FNP`s target audiences and/or underserved population groups. 

Participates in professional speaking/program promotion representing the FNP's Unit on health matters involving the nutrition needs and status of Alaska women, infants, children, and seniors to influence behavior changes to improve health status and/or goals.

Conducts federally required management evaluations of WIC grantees to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations and policies.  Collaborates with FNP staff in standardizing the management evaluation process including forms, timelines, procedures and policies.  Assists the WIC Nutrition Coordinator in the execution of the Participant Centered Education (PCE)/ Participant Centered Services (PCS) initiatives, the WIC Nutrition Risk Criteria Revisions, and the State Nutrition Action Plan/Food Assurances collaborative.  Collaborates with other FNP staff in coordinating the SPIRIT computer system including adjusting business rules, coordinating food packages, and nutrition education topics, etc.  Participates in providing technical assistance to local WIC Coordinators, public health nurses, registered dietitians, and licensed nutritionists regarding pediatric and women's nutrition questions and WIC operations directly or by telephone.

Collaborate with the WIC Nutrition Services Coordinator, Vendor unit, and other FNP staff to help maintain the nutritional integrity of the WIC food list.  Assist and support the development of food authorization standards and authorized food lists according to federal regulations and state policies.  Contribute to the selection of food types to be added to updates of the WIC approved food list.  Establish criteria for new food submissions and communicate with manufacturers, vendors, and other submitters about submission requirements.  Evaluate submissions for adherence to USDA and Alaska state guidelines.

In coordination with the State WIC Nutrition Coordinator, assists in providing statewide clinical consultation and advice to state and local agency WIC staff regarding the nutritional management of complex, high-risk WIC participants diagnosed with serious medical conditions.  Following established guidelines, responsible to assist Local Agency Registered Dietitians (RD) in the review and authorization of special medical formulas and medical foods for non-contract formulas.  

Coordinates the USDA CSFP program to improve the health of low-income elderly people at least 60 years of age, by supplementing their diets with food boxes. Prepares annual state budget, state plan and caseload distribution and submits corrections as needed to the USDA.  Coordinates with grants and contracts to prepare grant documents for local grantees, identifies sources and submits grant documents for CSFP program funding and oversees CSFP grant activities.  Ensures federal regulations, fiscal policies, and state policies are followed at the grantee and sub-grantee levels.

Functions as Alaska State SNAP-ED Assistant Coordinator under the direction of the Family Nutrition/WIC Program Director.  Participates in the development of guidelines and procedures for the statewide SNAP-ED program within USDA guidance and regulations.  Conducts management evaluations for local and statewide SNAP-ED programs to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  Evaluates statewide data to improve program performance.  Prepares statewide reports and the USDA federal fiscal year state plan including budgetary information.  Prepares annual report incorporating data from both local and state participating agencies and departments.  Identifies training needs statewide and coordinates state and local nutrition education and projects adapting to Alaska's unique circumstances and needs.  As recommended by USDA, encourages use of federal nutrition topics as part of nutrition plans.  Serves as a statewide liaison for local, state, and federal agencies.

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