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eWIC Branch Chief

California Department of Health (Sacramento County, CA)

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The incumbent works under the general direction of the Chief of the WIC Division and manages the eWIC Branch which includes the eWIC Support Section and the Change Management/Tier II Team. The SSM III will effectively manage the resources in the eWIC Branch and institute system and process improvements as needed related to eWIC operations, customer service, training, and change management. The SSM III is part of the WIC Senior Leadership Team and collaborates to evaluate the impact of proposed initiatives and policies as well as to develop or recommend strategies and policies that impact WIC’s systems. The SSM III has managerial responsibility for organizing, directing, planning, and implementing program priorities in the Branch.

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eWIC Branch Chief



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Sacramento County

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Permanent, Full Time


Department Information

The Women, Infants, Children Program (WIC) has been part of the nation’s nutrition safety net for over 45 years.

Extensive research has found WIC to be a cost-effective investment that leads to healthier infants, more nutritious diets, health care for children, and subsequently higher academic achievement for students. WIC helps families receive healthy food, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to healthcare and other community services.

Like other divisions within the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), WIC builds its program by addressing social determinants of health. WIC impacts the life course by promoting health practices that can ultimately improve life outcomes often experienced by vulnerable communities.

WIC serves babies and children up to age five, pregnant women, and new mothers. Dads, grandparents, foster parents of young children, and working families are welcome at WIC too!

Monthly, nearly one million WIC participants can find support at one of 84 local agencies which offer services at more than 500 sites throughout California. WIC participants can redeem their food benefits at approximately 3,800 grocers who are authorized to serve WIC families.

About the CDPH/WIC Family

Over 200 state staff work at California Department of Public Health’s WIC Division located at the Natomas campus in Sacramento (free parking!). WIC is family-friendly and supportive of a teleworking environment that values employees and their families.

The WIC Division is led by senior managers administering the Local Services Branch, Vendor Management Branch, Policy and Planning Branch, Data Analysis, Research, and Evaluation Section, Operations, and eWIC Branch.  Through these branches, support staff, analysts, specialists, researchers, and nutritionists carry forward the mission to nourish and empower families to grow and build a healthy future, while being good stewards of the public’s trust and funding.

As important as our work, WIC is a diverse strengths-based organization that values partnerships and collaborative work across the division, WIC community, CDPH, and other state agencies. WIC is serious about its commitment to excellence and the reputation of the WIC program, and all managers are expected to embrace a strengths-based collaborative approach through humility, introspection, and participation in all aspects of the division’s work.

About this position

Just prior to the COVID pandemic, WIC engaged in a large-scale modernization project to implement a new management information system called WIC WISE and also converted benefit delivery from paper benefit checks to electronic benefits via debit cards. During the pandemic, WIC modernized several other functions that include video appointments, auto dialing, and a learning management system. This year provides an exciting opportunity to bring these digital systems together as WIC adapts to the changing needs of the program.  Modernization, innovation, and creativity is the work of this SSM III who will utilize project management experience and knowledge of the System Development Life Cycle. The immediate key focus is guiding WIC WISE management and operations, then leading a team to continue the modernization momentum currently in process.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the WIC community!  

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