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Federal Grant Analyst

Department of Public Health (Sacramento County, CA)

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This position supports the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) mission and strategic plan by ensuring integrity and accountability of the Women, Infants, and Children's (WIC) food and Nutrition Services Administration (NSA) grant expenditures. As an employee of the Federal Grant Management Section (FGMS), the incumbent serves as part of a team that supports the budget and financial responsibilities of WIC to ensure a legally operable, fiscally sound and financially credible statewide organization.  

The incumbent works under the direction of the Chief of the FGMS, Staff Services Manager II (SSM II), the Health Program Specialist II (HPS II) serves as a subject matter expert in federal regulations for funds expenditure, budget and accounting for the WIC program. The incumbent is an integral member of the FGMS team and is required to function independently and effectively as a team member. The HPS II must establish and maintain professional relationships between WIC, CDPH Accounting office, and various Control Agencies. The incumbent serves as the primary advisor on efficient allocation of resources for the Division related to the expenditure of NSA grant. Uses a variety of project management skills to ensure the timely completion of products and organized documentation of financial expenditures for audit purposes. Utilizes problem solving and various research methodologies to examine data, trends and services and provides consultative and administrative support on all phases of the fiscal process. Acts as primary liaison for outside and control agencies with regard to estimates, expenditures, and other internal and external accounting fiscal reports.

This is a reposting of JC-274557 to increase candidate pool; previous applicants do not need to reapply and are still for consideration

“Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications of the Health Program Specialist II classification and are interested in this position, may take the Health Program Specialist II exam to obtain list eligibility. List eligibility is required prior to appointment.” If you have not taken the HPS II exam, please follow the link below:

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Federal Grant Analyst



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Sacramento County

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Permanent, Full Time

Department Information

The Women, Infants, Children Program (WIC) has been part of the nation’s nutrition safety net for over 40 years.

Extensive research has found WIC to be a cost-effective investment that leads to healthier infants, more nutritious diets, health care for children, and subsequently higher academic achievement for students. WIC helps families receive healthy food, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to healthcare and other community services.

Like other divisions within the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), WIC builds its program by addressing social determinants of health. WIC impacts the life course by promoting health practices that can ultimately improve life outcomes often experienced by vulnerable communities.
WIC serves babies and children up to age five, pregnant women, and new mothers. Dads, grandparents, foster parents of young children, and working families are welcome at WIC too!

Monthly, nearly one million WIC participants can find support at one of 83 local agencies which offer services at more than 500 sites throughout California. WIC participants can redeem their food benefits at more than 4,000 grocers who are authorized to serve WIC families.

In 2020 - 2021, the WIC Division implemented a new Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card called the California WIC Card and a new management information system that will allow WIC participants to be served more efficiently.

About the CDPH/WIC Family

Over 200 state staff work at California Department of Public Health’s WIC Division located at the Natomas campus in Sacramento (free parking!). During the COVID-19 pandemic, WIC has supported a teleworking environment to allow employees and their families to remain safe. As with all CDPH divisions, some staff have been re-directed to work on COVID-related projects to support the health of all Californians.

The WIC Division is led by senior managers administering a Local Services Branch, Vendor Management Branch, Policy and Planning Branch, and the Data Analysis, Research, and Evaluation Section.  Through these branches, support staff, analysts, specialists, researchers, and nutritionists serve the needs of WIC local agencies.

As important as our work, WIC is in its fifth year of a professional development process to build a division wide team that is collaborative, and strengths based.  WIC is serious about this commitment to excellence, and it is believed that through exploration of a strengths-based approach, this division can continue to develop and best serve the WIC participant.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the WIC community!  

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