National WIC Association

WIC Compliance Manager – Regulatory Specialist Senior

Wisconsin WIC (Madison, WI)

The WIC Compliance Manager serves in a statewide capacity for the purpose of minimizing financial loss due to program violations, fraud and abuse. This position develops, maintains and manages a process to assure compliance with federal and state WIC vendor regulations through completion of compliance investigations at all high risk vendors annually up to 5% of authorized vendors and mandatory vendor monitoring for a minimum of 5% of authorized vendors annually.  The incumbent identifies high-risk vendors statewide through automated and professional review methods in conjunction with the WIC Auditor Senior; identifies high risk locations statewide; conducts pre-authorization site visit inspections for Milwaukee County and identified high risk locations statewide, coordinates and provides training for annual routine monitoring statewide; conducts monitoring visits in Milwaukee County, receives and responds to statewide vendor complaints; directs investigative activities through state and contracted investigators; recruits, hires, trains and maintains contracts of investigators; and manages surveillance equipment. Based on the findings of compliance investigations the incumbent coordinates actions with the WIC Auditor Senior; initiates, prepares and delivers sanction charging letters; and finalizes enforcement action in conjunction with Department Office of Legal Counsel and WIC Program staff.  The incumbent prepares legal documents for administrative and criminal cases, testifies at hearings and trials on behalf of the WIC program, and is responsible for establishing working relationships with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. This position assists in the development, coordination, and delivery of biennial interactive training to authorized WIC vendors statewide. The incumbent conducts state agency assigned vendor contact visits in identified high risk areas to determine the need for further investigation, receives tips for other investigations and reviews vendor compliance with eWIC processing requirements.

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