National WIC Association

WIC Dietitian (Clinical Dietitian)

Pima County Health Department (WIC Program) (Tucson, AZ)

Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates individualized patient/client nutrition care plans and physical activity reports by reviewing patient/client charts, diagnosis, anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary, socioeconomic and behavioral data, and recommends to patients/clients food preparation methods, vitamin and mineral supplements, menu selection and planning and supplemental food resources based on nutritional needs set forth in care plans;
Assesses nutritional risk by interviewing patients/clients, reviewing patient charts, interpreting laboratory results and consulting with physicians and other health care professionals;
Develops educational materials and educates patients/clients, families, health care staff and community on nutritional principles, therapeutic diets, diet regimens, food selection and preparation, drug and food interactions, economics of food, enteral and parenteral nutrition and other subjects related to nutrition;
Documents all nutrition assessments, interventions and physician verbal orders into medical charts;
Collects, summarizes and analyzes patient/client data from medical records for monthly performance improvement and quality control programs;
Provides technical assistance on nutrition to health care workers, physicians and the public; 
Writes therapeutic diet menus to comply with dietary prescriptions ordered by physicians, and evaluates food served for conformance to dietary prescriptions and quality standards;
Refers patients/clients to other nutrition, health or social service agencies for additional assistance;
Circulates on patient floors during meals to observe patient food intake and reactions, and documents to medical records unusual or adverse reactions, taking appropriate nutritional corrective action;
Performs capillary finger punctures for hemoglobin screening interpreting results of these to determine client health risks, nutritional education plan and program benefits;
May supervise nutrition or dietetic support staff.

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