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Tell Congress You're Disappointed They Mandated WIC Foods

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Tell Congress you're disappointed that members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees mandated a food (potatoes) into WIC food packages.
View our infographic about why it matters.

How Can I Learn More About this Campaign Issue?

  • Our infographic gives a quick overview of why it matters if the white potato is allowed into WIC.
  • Contact our Public Policy Nutritionist Martelle Esposito at or 202-232-5492 with questions.

What Can I Do to Help?

What Should I Say to My Representative?

  • Share your State’s WIC profile for state-specific data and participant stories.
  • Watch what other NWA members had to say about talking with policymakers in the video below.

Is This Advocacy or Lobbying?

  • This is a lobbying activity. If your job is funded through the government, you can send the email during your break time or after work.
  • Not all advocacy efforts are lobbying. Advocacy is not lobbying when you’re informing members of Congress about WIC, and highlighting WIC’s achievements: You are educat­ing policymakers about WIC. This helps promote a positive image of WIC, and hopefully translates into favorable WIC policies in the future.
  • Examples of Non-Lobbying Advocacy: Clearing up misconceptions about WIC; Explaining the positive impacts of the improved WIC food packages; Describing the importance of Breastfeeding Peer Counselors and convey WIC successes.
  • For more specifics, read Advocacy vs. Lobbying.

Where Can I Learn More About Current WIC Policy Issues?

Other WIC-Related Advocacy

We engage in various public health-related advocacy issues. Check back for updates on other ways you can take action to support WIC!