National WIC Association

Job Postings

NWA offers its members the opportunity to have their job openings posted. Non-members are also welcome to post WIC-related positions for a fee.

For information, contact Kay Ogundiran.

March 18, 2020
WIC Nurse Nutritionist/Dietitian

Wyoming Department of Health - WIC (Cheyenne, WY)

March 5, 2020
WIC Nutrition Coordinator

Nebraska Department of Health - WIC (Lincoln, NE)

March 3, 2020
Vendor / EBT Research Lead

California Department of Public Health (Sacramento, CA)

March 3, 2020
WIC Deputy Director

New Mexico Department of Health WIC (Sante Fe, NM)

February 26, 2020
Registered Dietitian

Utah Department of Health - WIC (Salt Lake County, UT)

February 24, 2020
WIC Nurse/Nutritionist

Wyoming Department of Health - WIC (Sheridan, WY)

February 10, 2020
Bureau Chief – Nutrition and Physical Activity

Arizona Department of Health Services (Phoenix, AZ)

January 30, 2020
State Public Policy Associate

National WIC Association (Washington, DC)

November 26, 2019
Marketing Communications Manager

National WIC Association (Washington, DC)