National WIC Association

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NWA National Office, 2001 S Street, NW Suite 580, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202–232–5492  |  Fax: 202–387–5281

Douglas Greenaway
President & CEO

Cecilia Richardson
Staff/Nutrition Program Director

Darlena Birch
Public Health Nutritionist

Elisabet Eppes, MPH
Associate, Community Partnerships Grant/Public Policy

DuWvaughn P. Francois
Office Manager/Events Logistics Coordinator

Quinney Harris, MPH
Manager, Community Partnerships Grant

Emily Gilcher
Membership Coordinator 

Shameka Jennings
Education & Events Manager

Georgia Machell, PhD
Research and Evaluation Manager

Natalie Mulloy
Communications & Reporting Assistant

Hannah Shultz
Communications, Media and Marketing Coordinator