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Adela Garcia, Health Equity Champion

August 25, 2020
Categories: Health Equity Health Equity Champion Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Nutrition Education

In July of 2019, I took a different path in my healthcare journey and joined the WIC program of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Shortly afterwards, I developed a strategic action plan to collaborate and increase awareness of our WIC program in the Hospital. During my first months on the job, I met with social workers, community health workers, and nursing leaders to enhance the program for participants, and provide support.

We developed a referral process to promote WIC on Wheels in the community to be present where a WIC clinic is not available. Prior to the pandemic, we also developed programs in the CHEF Teaching Kitchen to help expectant moms learn how to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their families. By addressing the obstacles and challenges that our clients face, we are able to better connect with them and give them the access and tools that they need.

Now more than ever, it is important to use an equity lens in WIC to be able to expand the understanding of how social and economic conditions contribute to, or detract from, life-long health. It’s also critical to identify pathways and mechanisms that, if addressed, can reasonably be expected to improve conditions for populations at risk of inequitable health outcomes. It is clear that the times we are currently living in are challenging and unprecedented, and the need for health equity has never been more important.

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