National WIC Association

Business Council Partner of the month: Meredith Corporation

June 13, 2017

This monthly feature is part of a series highlighting NWA’s Business Council Partners; private and public companies who have chosen to join forces with NWA to ensure the success of the WIC Program. Each of our Business Council Partners values the WIC Program and is an essential part of our community. To find out more about these vital partners, please visit our website.

This month’s NWA Business Council Partner of the month is Meredith Corporation. You can reach them by contacting Chuck Hajj at or 212-499-1507. Their website is

How long have you been a Business Council Partner of the National WIC Association?

More than a decade.

Why did Meredith decide to become a Business Council Partner?

We are committed to educating expectant and new moms around all subject matters that relate to pregnancy, labor and delivery, infant care, and nutrition. In joining the Business Council, we felt that our mission of education aligned extremely well with the goals of the National WIC Association.

Tell us a little about your role at Meredith.

We are a marketing services agency that helps brands, services, and companies reach and communicate effectively with new and expectant moms.

What do you wish NWA’s members and community knew about Meredith’s work?

We are the leading marketing agency for the new mom market. Our knowledge of and work targeting this audience is unrivaled. Most leading businesses wishing to reach this market either currently work with us or have in the past.

Where do you see Meredith’s mission and WIC's mission intersecting?

We share the same goals: to help moms have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy children. As the trusted publishers of Parents magazine, we guide brands on how to best reach and communicate with the WIC audience. As a result, WIC participants benefit from receiving branded materials that adhere to WIC guidelines and contain valuable product samples and coupons.

What’s your favorite thing about WIC?

WIC empowers underserved moms by providing healthy food, education, and community support. For many participants, WIC is a much-needed haven of positivity where moms get encouragement and guidance to raise healthy children. None of this could be possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of WIC clinicians everywhere. We are in awe of these women when we meet them at national WIC conferences.