National WIC Association

Meet 2023 Health Equity Champion: Sonia!

July 6, 2023



In the quest for a more equitable world, individuals like Sonia Gamble stand out as true champions. Through her unwavering dedication and commitment, Sonia has made it her mission to promote health equity in all aspects of her work. Let's explore the projects she undertakes and the transformative impact she creates through her health equity lens.

Sonia's primary focus lies in creating the best possible experience for WIC families. As she delves into this endeavor, she directs her attention towards customer service and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) training. Sonia recognizes that every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference, so she implements comprehensive customer service training that evaluates every aspect of the WIC experience. By identifying Points of Impact (POI's), she aims to create a "WOW" factor for clients, ensuring that their needs are met with utmost respect and consideration.

To enhance her knowledge and skills, Sonia collaborates with both internal and external partners who offer specialized training on EDI and customer service. These partnerships not only foster a culture of continuous learning within her organization but also enable Sonia to tap into a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. By incorporating these learnings into her daily practice, she strives to provide an inclusive and empowering experience for every family she serves.

Sonia's commitment to health equity extends beyond the WIC program. She actively participates in the Fetal Infant Mortality Review and Reducing Infant Mortality committees, where she focuses her health equity lens on supporting mothers and babies who face the heart-wrenching experience of loss too soon. Through her involvement in these committees, Sonia recognizes that there are numerous services available to those in need, but many individuals may be unaware of them or lack proper referrals. Determined to bridge this gap, she works diligently to improve internal referral processes, ensuring that they effectively address the comprehensive needs of the entire family unit. By doing so, Sonia aims to provide families with the support they require during these challenging times, reaffirming her commitment to health equity.

Language access is another critical area where Sonia strives to shine an equity lens. As the population of new Americans seeking access to services continues to grow, she emphasizes the importance of equitable language services in both spoken and written forms. Sonia firmly believes that language should never be a barrier to receiving essential care and support. To realize this vision, she advocates for improved funding at the federal and state levels to provide sufficient interpreter and translation services. By doing so, Sonia aims to ensure that language is not a hurdle but a bridge to quality care and equitable services.

Sonia Gamble's journey as a health equity champion serves as an inspiration to all. Her dedication to creating a positive and inclusive experience for WIC families, her commitment to supporting grieving mothers and babies, and her advocacy for equitable language services demonstrate her unwavering resolve to address health disparities. Through her actions, Sonia exemplifies the transformative power of a health equity lens.

As we reflect on Sonia's remarkable achievements, let us be inspired to embrace health equity in our own lives and work. Together, we can forge a path toward a more just and equitable future, where every individual has access to the resources, support, and care they need to thrive.