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Monday Call-in: Don’t Let Congress Pick WIC Foods!

May 19, 2014
Categories: Nutrition

Join us for a national call-in today to stop Congress from interfering with the science of the WIC Food Packages. It’s really easy—we have a script for you below!

WHAT: A national call-in to Senators asking them to protect the science of the WIC food packages
WHEN: Today, Monday, May 19th throughout the day
WHO: WIC advocates from across the country will be calling in


Today, Monday May 19th, call the Capitol switchboard using our toll-free number: 1-855-435-7942. Ask to be connected to one of your Senators.
HERE’S WHAT TO SAY: “Hello, my name is _________ from ________ (city/state). I am calling to urge Senator ____________ to oppose any efforts to include policy riders to the Agriculture Appropriations bill that would mandate specific foods into the WIC food packages, including potatoes.”
Repeat the process with your second Senator.

Go to to find out who your state’s two Senators are.

Background on the issue:
The Senate Appropriations Committee will mark-up the Agriculture Appropriations Bill next week. This is the bill that provides the next fiscal year’s funding allocation for WIC. This year, we fully expect members of both the House and Senate to propose amendments to the Agriculture Appropriations Bills in their respective chambers mandating potatoes into the WIC food packages. This is bad because it signals to other members of Congress that all they have to do to get their district’s or state’s products into the WIC food packages is lobby their colleagues instead of relying on scientific review and the regulatory process through USDA. First potatoes, then what? Beef? Twinkies?

**This is a lobbying activity, so if you are a WIC employee, you should call during a work break (like lunchtime) or outside work hours on your cell phone or other non-work phone. Keep in mind that Congressional hours are 9:00  a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Eastern. Also keep in mind that you are calling as a U.S. citizen rather than on behalf of such-and-such WIC program, so it is your legal right to make the call.