National WIC Association

Reach Them, Teach Them, Keep Them

December 2, 2014

As we bring 40 years of celebrating WIC to a conclusion this December, we rush towards the New Year building on the subtext of our celebration – Strengthening Families for 40 years – with a motivational theme for 2015 – Reach Them, Teach Them, Keep Them.

We know with certainty that The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children – WIC – has improved at-risk children’s health, growth and development, and prevented health problems for over 40 years. WIC children enter school Ready to Learn, showing better cognitive performance. 

Quality nutrition services are WIC’s centerpiece: nutrition and breastfeeding education, nutritious foods, and improved healthcare access for vulnerable women and children with, or at risk of developing, nutrition-related health problems including overweight, obesity, and type-2 diabetes.

Promoting our quality services will be key to WIC’s continued success.  NWA’s bipartisan 2012 public opinion poll clearly demonstrated that WIC enjoys a strong favorable image across demographics, party, and ideology and is viewed as highly effective. What we also came to learn from that opinion poll was the more that our neighbors learn about WIC, the more WIC garners significant and widespread support.

Our theme for 2015 responds to reoccurring priorities of the WIC community:

  • Reach Them – improving outreach methods to reach eligible families in need, and to communicate WIC’s story to the American public;
  • Teach Them – learning and employing new tools, techniques, and sharing best practices to educate WIC families about healthy eating and the public about WIC’s value; and
  • Keep Them – focusing on successful participant retention strategies and assuring the American public is squarely in WIC’s camp as a fan and support base we can count on to help protect WIC for mothers and young children in need.

There are forces pushing against us, but WIC is a program that “can”! Staying on our game will assure WIC continued meaningful success. Here’s what’s in the works from NWA for 2015 to help you reach them, teach them, and keep them:

  1. WIC animated videos customized with your agency’s info—without the anniversary emblem – ready to be used for outreach and education in 2015 and beyond;
  2. Leadership, Annual, and Technology Conference content centered around our theme and focused on improving outreach, sharing education techniques, and retention strategies;
  3. Media kits including sample press releases, blog posts, and successful, tested media outreach strategies from WIC agencies;
  4. WIC Messenger Kits;
  5. Resources for improving the WIC client experience;
  6. Community engagement tools; and
  7. Business planning and marketing resources.

As the nation’s premier public health nutrition program, we know WIC to be a cost-effective, sound investment – ensuring the health of our children. Let’s reach and teach America how “loving them lots, teaching and feeding them well” through WIC assures that all of our nation’s young children will get a healthy start in life. WIC For A Healthier, Stronger America!