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Sign Our Letter to Protect the WIC Food Package!

April 8, 2014
Categories: Nutrition WIC Funding and Operation

READ OUR LETTER and then SIGN ON to protect the scientific integrity of the WIC food package.

Potato Industry Unhappy about Potato Exclusion

The potato industry remains unhappy about the potato’s exclusion from the WIC food packages, particularly in light of the release of the final food package rule. We fully expect members of both the House and Senate to propose amendments to the agriculture appropriations bills in their respective chambers mandating potatoes into the WIC food packages.

It Sets a Bad Precedent

This could jeopardize the scientific integrity of the WIC food packages, allowing any member of Congress to convince enough of his/her colleagues that the food item produced in his/her district should be in the WIC food packages. And, we have been told that it will be very difficult for our champions to hold the line without other members hearing that the people in their states and districts oppose these actions.

Sign On!

Read our letter to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and then sign on! We are asking individuals to sign your name, your state, your affiliation, and your credentials (RD, MPH, RN, MD, PhD, etc.) to the letter. If you are not comfortable including your affiliation, please leave that section blank. We welcome and encourage you to sign onto the letter as a private citizen with your credentials as well.

Please share the link with your health professional colleagues and friends! We need a strong showing of health professionals in every state opposing Congressional intervention in determining the composition of the WIC food packages.