National WIC Association

We Took Your Stories to Congress!

December 16, 2015

Over the last several months, NWA has been collecting stories from WIC participants and staff around the country. We received thousands of stories in the mail from the East Coast, West Coast and in between. We also received stories online and by email. The message is clear: people appreciate WIC enormously. As one participant from Florida told us, “WIC means hope.”

1000 Days, an organization that focuses on maternal and child nutrition in the US and globally, also collected stories this fall in conjunction with a petition imploring Congress to fully support WIC. In just over two months, they’ve collected almost 61,000 signatures! Together, we went to Capitol Hill on December 4th to make sure Congress saw the petition and heard the WIC stories that had been collected.

Check out this video 1000 Days put together about our delivery.