National WIC Association

Tweet Your Opposition to the Child Nutrition Act!

May 17, 2016

Please join us in tweeting about the Child Nutrition Act. The House of Representative dropped a bill that is bad news for WIC and other child nutrition programs. The House Education and the Workforce Committee, chaired by Congressman John Kline (R-MN), will mark up their child nutrition reauthorization legislation (H.R. 5003) this Wednesday morning. The Committee’s bill is bad news for WIC and other child nutrition programs, and we need your help today to make sure the bill does not move any further, unless significant changes are made to the legislation.

It takes less than 30 tweets to get the attention of most congressmen. Let them know what you think of this bill!

NWA has a number of concerns with this bill, including:

  • The introduction of new restrictions on the competitive bidding process for infant foods other than infant formula;
  • The requirement for an impossibly short 18-month study to be conducted examining the impact of adjunctive eligibility on WIC participation;
  • A number of corporate giveaways for infant formula manufacturers complicating cost-containment contracting; and
  • A provision for food retailers making it increasingly challenging for states to put in place vendor moratoria.

NWA’s priorities for the bill were not included. Neither the discussion draft nor the House bill include NWA’s key priorities to provide states the option to extend certification of infants to two years and to extend enrollment for children until their sixth birthdays.

Click here see a list of Twitter handles for members of the House Ed and the Workforce Committee. Following that list are 4 tweets. We’ve used “click to tweet” so all you need to do is click the link by each person’s name to Tweet at them.

You are also invited to click here to Tweet at your representatives who are not on the committee. Feel free to write your own tweets, remember to put a “.” before Twitter handles to push your tweet into newsfeeds for others to see.

Please note this is a lobbying activity.