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Save-a-Lot Food Stores

Save-a-Lot Food Stores

As a NWA business partner and member of the WIC community, Save-A-Lot helps its customers to live richer, fuller lives by saving them money and time. The time-saving set-up of Save-A-Lot stores, combined with high-quality discount groceries, including fresh meat, poultry and produce, allows us to offer great food at great prices.

Our guiding principle is to be shopper-centric. While we are always mindful of costs and efficiencies, in the end our decisions and actions are guided by how we can best meet the needs and wants of the value-seeking shopper.

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Company Purpose

Great food. Great Prices. Great People.

WIC Products/Resources


Private Label items in the following Categories:

  • Canned/Dry Beans
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Fish
  • Ready to eat Cereal
  • Shelf stable, Refrigerated and Frozen Juices
  • Cheese, Milk, Eggs
  • Fresh, Frozen and Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Some National Brands in the following Categories:

  • Canned Beans
  • Ready to eat Cereal
  • Shelf stable, Refrigerated and Frozen Juices
  • Cheese
  • Baby Foods/Cereals
  • Infant Formula


  • Retailer’s perspective
  • Private Label Manufacturer’s perspective
  • WIC Customer/WIC Participants perspective
  • Nielsen Study Reports

Resources for WIC professionals:

Company Representative

Lisa G. Nicastri, Esq., Senior Attorney,