National WIC Association

Federal Grant Estimate and Settlement Unit Chief

CDPH – WIC (Sacramento, CA)

This position supports the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) mission and strategic plan by advancing the health and well-being of California’s diverse people and communities.  As an employee of the Federal Grant Management Section, the incumbent serves as part of a team that supports the budget and financial responsibilities of the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Division to ensure a legally operable, fiscally sound, and financially credible statewide organization.  

The incumbent works under the direction of the Chief, Federal Grant Management Section (FGMS), Staff Services Manager II (SSM II). The Staff Services Manager I (SSM I) provides a full range of oversight to subordinate staff specific to banking and food instrument activities for the $1 billion federally funded WIC Program. Ensures that the WIC program is conducted in accordance with requirements of the federal grant obligations with respect to allowable expenditures and oversees timely and accurate financial data reporting within CDPH WIC, and between CDPH WIC and the Department and/or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The incumbent: Leads workgroups and committees to complete high profile initiatives and resolve sensitive fiscal issues with potential impact on grocer revenue. Writes status updates and briefs on sensitive issues for CDPH WIC leadership and is a key advisor to CDPH WIC management on food expenditures, prices, cost containment, types and brands of foods, and the program’s ability to meet federal performance targets and available food grant funding.

The incumbent: Provides leadership, direction, and supervision to analytical staff by interpreting state and federal laws and fiscal policy, responding to public inquiries from grocers and cashier associations, developing the WIC state budget estimates, management of banking and Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card distribution services, guiding staff in cost containment and Maximum Allowable Department Reimbursement efforts, and projecting federal WIC revenue. The manager actively participates as member of the WIC Division management team.

This position is eligible for telework in accordance with CDPH telework guidelines.

This is a reposting of JC-379714 to increase candidate pool; previous applicants do not need to reapply and are still for consideration


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