National WIC Association

Infant Feeding Branch Manager

Texas WIC (Austin, TX)

This position oversees the development of Infant Feeding (defined as breastfeeding and formula) related policies, procedures, and rules for the Texas WIC Program. Oversees the provision of training and technical assistance to WIC local agencies to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and laws regarding WIC breastfeeding and formula feeding. Oversees the development of infant feeding policies and processes for TXIN and the Electronic Benefits Transfer process at the WIC clinic level. Oversees research and analysis of WIC infant feeding data, develops and implements program activities, and identifies areas for program change. Oversees the lactation support centers and hospital initiatives including the Texas Ten Step program. Duties require a high level of coordination with other HHS programs and with health and human service agencies throughout the State. Represents WIC at meetings, conferences, boards, panels and committees. Works with minimal direction with extensive latitude for determining the direction of the Infant Feeding Branch of the Texas WIC Program.  

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