National WIC Association

Nutrition Services Administrator

Arizona Department of Health Services (Phoenix, AZ)

What will I be doing in this job?

−        Serving as the State Nutrition Coordinator for the Arizona WIC Program

−        Providing leadership to ensure effective and efficient management of the 20 WIC Local Agencies

−        Reviewing, evaluating, interpreting federal/state policies, rules and regulations, best practice standards for certification, nutrition education, and breastfeeding support, clinic operations, food package and other related requirements

−        Coordinating activities, providing technical assistance and ensuring monitoring for compliance

−        Authorizing expenditures and ensures the WIC food package is correct and timely to participants

−        Developing the scopes of work (RFPs, IGAs or ISAs) related to the WIC Program, Federal Government Infrastructure grants, WIC Dietetic Internship grant, and assisting in other Bureau grants, as needed

−        Attending Offeror's Conferences for projects

−        Evaluating proposals and approving recommendations for award of contracts and funding

−        Negotiating contracts, writing correspondence, and ensuring monitoring of contractors for compliance with provisions is effective

−        Authorizing of payments, and contract amendments to ensure all LAs operate within their budgets and awards

−        Writing policies and procedures that will be used in program implementation, trainings, and technical assistance for contractors, as well as in the developing and implementing of the WIC State Plans

−        Writing grants to secure additional funding

−        Annually responsible for the preparation of the WIC State Plan as assigned (Certification, Nutrition and Breastfeeding Services, Food Package, etc) and coordinating with other teams/sections

−        Supervising the Nutrition Services Managers, Food Package Specialist, and their subordinates as needed

−        Recruiting, interviewing and making recommendations for appointments to vacant positions

−        Evaluating performance, developing improvement plans, authorizing leave, providing training, and administering disciplinary actions, if necessary

−        Participating in management team and other project teams, which includes collaboration with other bureau management, information technology, and develops operating policy and procedures within the unit and Bureau

−        Working on various inter-bureau level committees to address needs as assigned

−        Representing the Bureau on advisory/planning committees to implement coordination activities of the WIC Program

−        Presenting at various conferences and meetings

−        Conferring with and advising LAs, and other State and Federal Agencies, and community and professional organizations (Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics,  etc.,) on program and food package matters

−        Travel statewide, nationally and internationally as required or necessary

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