National WIC Association

Nutritionist II - High Point

Guilford County Government (High Point, NC)


Work in this class involves providing professional nutritional services with a significant amount of time being spent serving clients with comprehensive nutrition needs; or coordinating the activities of a limited and small nutrition program while providing limited, professional direct client nutrition services.  These positions are located in local health departments, State agencies, and the university system.  Employees in this class will either provide comprehensive and in-depth nutrition assessments and counseling with a significant amount of time dealing with clients with chronic medical problems; or serve as a lead worker in coordinating the administrative and supervisory activities of a small nutrition program, as well as providing professional nutritional services to clients.  This level is distinguished from the Nutritionist I by the application of nutritional theories and concepts, depth of nutritional assessment and counseling, and/or by the lead worker function.  Employees may supervise lower level staff in vendor monitoring, program eligibility determination, and basic nutritional assessments.  Work may include other related assignments as determined by the appropriate management.  Employees usually report to a higher level nutritionist, physician, or local health director.

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