National WIC Association

Public Health Nutrition Consultant

Florida Department of Health - WIC (Tallahassee, FL)

Performs on-site monitoring of local WIC agencies in the areas of nutrition risk assessment, certification, nutrition education, and efficient clinic operations.  Prepares written reports and assists in the development and monitoring of corrective action plans to improve the quality of nutrition services.

Provides technical assistance, training and guidance to local WIC agencies and other departmental staff, particularly in the WIC Program areas of nutrition education, certification and food packages through staff training, on-site visits, correspondence, or via the telephone.  Provides technical nutrition support to local nutritionists who counsel high risk clients on the development of nutrition care plans and the usage of special medical nutritional formulas. 

Tests WIC data system changes related to certification, breastfeeding, nutrition and food package issues.  Drafts policies, manuals, and trainings on data system related issues.  Prepares and compiles data for special reports and assignments.  Writes and reviews reports, correspondence and other written materials as required. 

Assists in WIC food approval process by conducting on-site approvals in retail grocers with vendor team and reviewing products submitted electronically.

Serves as a liaison with WIC local operations unit program review team and with other departmental programs and agencies to coordinate and evaluate WIC services.  Participates on work teams or committees to review, analyze or solve operational, programmatic or nutrition related issues.

Researches, evaluates and recommends activities that can provide cost savings, improve operational effectiveness or promote efficiencies at the local and state WIC Program level.  Leads and/or participates on work teams to solve operational and programmatic issues. 

Develops, revises, and/or reviews nutrition modules and other related materials or forms developed or purchased by the State WIC office.

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