National WIC Association

Public Health Nutrition Consultant

Bureau of WIC Program Services (Tallahassee, FL)

The employee in this position provides highly technical public health consultation to county health department directors/administrators, physicians, other public health nutritionists, nurses and others regarding the provision of services through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) throughout the state.  Provides quality assurance and quality improvement evaluation of the nutrition component of statewide WIC nutrition programs.  Manages the procurement of the special nutritional products and formulas for the WIC Program.  Revises formulary and formula reference guide to keep up-to-date with formula and policy changes. Develops, maintains, and revises direct distribution information for the statewide FL-WiSE system, and provides updates to the FL-WiSE Clinic user guide.  Approves foods to be added to the Florida WIC Approved Product List.  Provides oversight to the statewide paraprofessional program operated by local WIC agencies in order to ensure compliance with federal and state standards, policies, procedures, and protocols.  Serves as the Bureau’s liaison with the Dietetic and Nutrition Practice Council. 

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