National WIC Association

Public Health Nutritionist III

City of Chicago, Department of Public Health (Chicago, IL)

The Public Health Nutritionist III is responsible for the following key activities:  oversees day-to-day operations of nutrition program at a health center or clinic to ensure that clients are served in a timely and efficient manner; supervises professional and clerical nutrition staff in all phases of service delivery; conducts quality assurance activities, including reviews of patients’ nutrition files completed by staff to ensure the accuracy and completeness of nutrition assessments and care plans; provides in-service training to staff on nutritional care standards; coordinates nutrition workshops and participates in neighborhood health fairs promoting good health care and nutrition practices; prepares program status reports in compliance with program and funding guidelines; provides nutritional services to clients, interviewing clients to assess nutritional needs and developing nutrition care plans; maintains a directory of available resources within the community; identifies community resources and sites to conduct program activities

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