National WIC Association

Senior Public Health Nutritionist

Hillsborough WIC (Tampa, FL)

Your Specific Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates outreach activities, health fairs and other community activities as needed to promote the WIC Program.
  • Continues face to face relationships with referring medical providers and community partners.
  • Provides menu consultation, food service consultation, nutrition education (individual and group), program support, and Medical Nutrition Therapy to community clients and contracted partners.
  • Represents WIC / Nutrition and participates in meetings, workshop, conferences, and training programs of professional organizations in the community as related to area of expertise.
  • Assisting with development of Memoranda of Agreements (MOA's). Maintaining a filing and reviewing system for MOAs and similar documents as needed.
  • Assists the Quality Assurance (QA) key nutritionist with training identified during the Local Agency Program Review.  Assist with QA planning and QA reviews during QA process.
  • Coordinates nutrition training for employees and maintains appropriate documents on file. Assists with WIC mandatory staff trainings and other divisional type in-service trainings such as the Statewide Travel Management System.
  • Certifies clients. Identifies nutrition risk based on the assessment of the nutrition questionaire, health data and health history.  Provides and documents client centered nutrition education, goal(s) and provides healthcare and other referrals for services. Assigns food packages based on nutrition assessment and criteria. Provides breastfeeding education, support and referrals to ensure success assist with WIC / Nutrition breastfeeding activites. Focuses on meeting the needs of medically high risk clients following the WIC Procedure Manual,  Nutrition Care Manual and the WIC Competent Professional Authority (CPA) Guidebook. Collects anthropometric data by conducting height/stature and weight measurements. Performs fingers sticks to assess hemoglobin levels of WIC participants.
  • Completes and submits reports such as NEAR, EARS, travel, timesheets, assignments, and reports in accordance with established agency and Division guidelines.
  • Email communication must be maintained on a daily basis. Communicates with courtesy, respect, and understanding when dealing with clients, the public, and staff.
  • Attends staff meetings, trainings, and any other meetings as required. Travels as required.
  • At times employee may be scheduled or assigned to work in other locations within Hillsborough County; travels to clinics and performs other duties as assigned for Senior Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor (SPHNS).
  • If fluent in another language, may be required to assist with translation to ensure quality client service.

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