National WIC Association

Senior Public Health Nutritionist

Florida Department of Health (SARASOTA, FL)

According to DHM 150-24, the FLWiSE System Guide, agency policies, and supervisor’s instructions provides nutrition services to WIC clients. Certifies/recertifies women, infants, and children to participate in the WIC Program. Provides nutrition assessment and counseling for WIC clients, and documents counseling in client record same day of service using the SOAP format. Develops and implements a nutrition care plan appropriate for each client. Selects, develops and evaluates client education materials, including preparing bulletin boards and conducting group instruction. Serves a minimum average of 12 clients per day. Spends a minimum of 20% of WIC time in nutrition education activities. Spends at least 6% percent of WIC time in breastfeeding education activities. Uses the FLWiSE system to facilitate services to WIC clients.

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