National WIC Association

WIC Director

Beaufort-Jasper Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.- WIC Program (Ridgeland, SC)

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for the day to day operation of WIC Services in assigned sites including but not limited to maintaining adequate staffing coverage, statistics on productivity, schedule analysis regarding patient flow and capacity, the registration of patients, training of staff and other related duties as needed. QUALIFICATIONS: Must have a college degree. A minimum of least 5 years of WIC or management experience is preferred. Must possess demonstrated experience in resolving patient and staffing issues in an effective and efficient manner. Have the ability to relate with effectiveness to the public, the patients, and the health care providers of BJHCHS and the surrounding community. SPECIFIC DUTIES: • Works jointly with the administrative/financial staff. Assists and provides guidance for the appropriate expenditure of WIC administrative funds. • Evaluates all current and ever changing regulations. In addition, ensures that all regulations/guidelines are implemented in the agency program. • Participation in orientation of new WIC staff regarding policies and procedures for, but not limited to clerical, outreach, food distribution and delivery services. • Monitors all WIC system reports and assures that necessary follow-up action and reports are responded to as required. • Ensures breastfeeding education is provided to all prenatal WIC participants. • Assists in the development and implementation of the annual Outreach Plan for the PCC • Ensures that all information entered into the designated system and used for referrals is accurate and reflects current policies and procedures. • Monitors case load status and reports back to management on a monthly basis. • Increases WIC Services patient load by a minimum of 5%. • Regularly assesses and documents training needs of the WIC staff and ensures that those needs are met within 30-60 days of the assessment. • Assures program guidelines and performance measures are monitored, reporting progress and implementing quality improvement activities based on program indicators. • Supervises the Breastfeeding Coordinator and oversight of Breastfeeding Peer Counselors. • Supervises Admin Staff, CPA/Nutritionists and Registered Dietitian. • Knowledgeable of federal funding guidelines and grant deliverables. Ensure Breastfeeding and Nutrition Education expenditure requirements are compliant with federal guidelines. • Serves as the liaison between the WIC sites and the community. • Orders and maintains security of WIC supplies including but not limited to: blank check paper, WIC ID Cards, etc. • Attends the WIC Leadership Team Meetings and trainings conducted by WIC Central Office. Consults with WIC Central Office as needed.

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