National WIC Association

WIC Registered Dietitian 2

Zanesville- Muskingum County Health Department (Zanesville, OH)

The WIC RD2 is responsible for nutrition and breastfeeding assessment and counseling of WIC clients; ensures that the assigned site operates efficiently and effectively, and that all activities are in compliance with Ohio WIC and local agency policy.

Responsibilities include:

Responsible for all WIC clinic functions and ensures all WIC policies and procedures are followed. 
Coordinates with the WIC Support Staff to complete all stages of the client certification process including screening, assessment, counseling, documentation and follow up.  
Communicates necessary site, staff and client issues to Supervisor. 
Provides nutrition counseling, and breastfeeding counseling when applicable, to all eligible participants at certification and individual follow up visits. 
Provides appropriate counseling and follow up to high risk/high priority clients as determined by WIC assessment and adheres to program standards of practice.  
Maintains legible and complete client WIC records, documenting all client educational contacts and pertinent information according to agency standards. 
Schedules, coordinates and conducts group and individual nutrition education sessions. 
Maintains integrity of EBT card inventory, security, issuance and reconciliation.  
Accurately completes appropriate procedures to provide medically prescribed formulas.
Obtains client anthropometric measurements as necessary, utilizing length/height boards, scales, and non-invasive hemoglobin monitors.

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