National WIC Association

WIC Systems Integration Branch Chief

CDPH – WIC (Sacramento, CA)

Job Description: This position supports the CDPH’s mission and strategic plan by serving as the Staff Services Manager (SSM) III, Chief for the WIC Systems Integration Branch to advance the health and well-being of California’s diverse people and communities. As the Chief of the WIC Systems Integration Branch, the Staff Services Manager (SSM) III leads a team that provides support and management for WIC’s various electronic systems and provides support and communication to WIC families, local agencies, authorized vendors, division staff, and technology partners.

The incumbent works under the general direction of the Division Chief, Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A.), and manages the WIC Systems Integration Branch, which includes the WIC Systems Support Section and the WIC Change Management Section. The SSM III will effectively manage the resources in the Branch and institute system and process improvements as needed related to Branch operations, customer service, training, and change management. The SSM III will collaborate with the WIC Senior Leadership Team to evaluate the impact of proposed initiatives and policies as well as develop or recommend strategies and policies that impact WIC’s systems. The SSM III has managerial responsibility for organizing, directing, planning, and implementing program priorities in the Branch. The SSM III actively participates as a member of the WIC Division Senior Leadership Team and Management Team

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