National WIC Association

ChopChop Sprout Magazines

The ChopChop Sprout magazine series with healthy recipes, tips, and activities for women, infants, and children. 

100 individual copies for only $100 (including shipping and handling)

ChopChop Sprout is endorsed with technical review by the National WIC Association (NWA). Published in English and Spanish, each 24-page volume offers the following: 


  • Cost-saving tips to stretch ingredients and minimize waste
  • Practical, user-friendly cooking advice to feel more confident about cooking tasty, nutritious, and affordable meals for their children
  • Step-by-step, ethnically-diverse recipes using WIC ingredients to get the most out of their WIC food packages
  • Tips on cooking with kids to pass on cooking skills for a lifetime of healthful habits
  • Evergreen content to start anew with each new entrant into the WIC program
  • Contains no advertisments. 

Give your WIC clients the life skills and recipes to prepare healthful and inexpensive meals for their families. Click here to order.