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We partner with Scholastic Books to provide a variety of early childhood titles that complement and promote our mission.

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For nearly a decade, we have partnered with Scholastic to offer an exciting literacy library for mothers and young children in WIC programs nationwide. We aim to unite parents and children in the joy of reading.

Featured books are more than 40% off the normal list price and orders include free shipping.

Click the Shop button above for Scholastic's online ordering system. Orders can be placed directly from Scholastic Books by phone at 800-724-2222 or sending the order form by fax to 800 560-6815 or by mail to Scholastic, PO Box 7502, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Research shows the reading skills of the parent are not a determining factor in a child’s own reading success. It is the experience of reading together that has the greatest impact on a child’s future achievements.

The most successful readers are those who were read to often as children. Even by simply turning the pages and talking about what they see in the pictures, parents reinforce good reading habits. When parents are positive about reading and books themselves, their children learn the importance of literacy and develop their own healthy interest in books.