National WIC Association

Has your state committed to the NWA National Recruitment & Retention Campaign yet?

January 29, 2016

We are in the midst of planning a 3 year campaign to help with recruitment and retention in the WIC program. We've been working closely with partners at Meredith and are confident this campaign will help address declining caseload experienced across the country, and increase positive perceptions of WIC. Take a look at this presentation to get more information.

The campaign has three guiding goals:

  1. Increase recruitment
  2. Increase retention
  3. Improve perception

We're thrilled to have many states joining us. We are still working to recruit more. We're really excited about this multi-part, multi-year campaign and are hoping to kick off at the beginning of March.

To do that, we need financial commitments. If you look at this map, you'll see states in pink and orange. Pink states have said they will not be participating. Those orange states haven't given us final answers and we'd like your help with those. If you work in one of those states, please discuss the campaign with your state director and encourage them to sign on. Participating in this campaign is a wonderful opportunity for the whole WIC community to come together to make the program even better.

We understand that resources may be a challenge for some states. We are willing to work with states to make arrangements so all states that would like to participate can. The Mid Atlantic Region and the Western Region have requested OA funds to pay for their regions. We support these initiatives and encourage states to think creatively about funding this campaign.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the campaign, feel free to email Natalie at or call her (202-232-5492) any time.

Rev. Douglas A. Greenaway
President & CEO
National WIC Association