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In Defense of WIC: The WIC Food Package is Prescriptive and Specific to the Needs of the Participant

February 15, 2017

You may encounter the following criticism of WIC: The WIC food package is too restrictive and should be more like SNAP. Here are some suggestions for how to respond if and when you encounter this claim:

Sample Talking Points:

  • WIC participants are at nutrition risk; the WIC food package is tailored to the nutritional needs of the participant.
  • The WIC food package provides the specific target nutrients most important to the participant’s life stage
  • A pregnant woman, postpartum mom, breastfed infant, formula-fed infant, or a young child, receives different foods tailored to meet their nutritional needs.
  • The WIC food package offers flexibility to accommodate the cultural, religious, medical and other needs of the participant.
  • The WIC food package promotes the consumption of healthy foods among WIC participants.
  • Changes to the WIC food package helped children score higher on the Healthy Eating Index.1
  • Since the food package updates, WIC families’ food purchasing habits have become healthier.2
  • Households enrolled in WIC tend to purchase more wholegrain breads and brown rice.3
  • The food package was last updated in 2009 after an independent scientific review in 2006. Since that update, a growing body of literature has emerged that demonstrates the positive impact WIC foods have on the families we serve.4 5 6 7 8
  • The food package is meant to be supplemental and fill in nutritional gaps, it is not meant to supply all of the caloric needs for the participant.

Peer-Reviewed Literature to Corroborate these Points:

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WIC Testimonial Refuting this Claim:

"My husband lost his job and has had his salary cut at his new job so our budget is limited. Through our monthly vouchers I am able to supplement our grocery budget, buy fruits/veggies that would otherwise be over our budget, and provide my family w/much needed staple items. We also receive knowledge and support about any feeding issues that may arise. WIC services have been an answer to prayer and a much appreciated financial support during out time of need." --WIC Participant, Tennessee