National WIC Association

Meet 2023 Health Equity Champion: Asia!

July 21, 2023



Meet Asia Bangura, a dedicated nutrition counselor at the CCI Montgomery WIC office in Takoma Park, Maryland. With a background in culinary arts and extensive experience in the foodservice industry, Asia witnessed firsthand the impact of food on overall health. Determined to make a difference, she pursued further education, earning a bachelor's degree in culinary nutrition and a master's degree in public health.

Having recently completed the Maryland/Virginia WIC dietetic internship, Asia is on her way to becoming a licensed and registered dietitian. Armed with her expertise, she is passionate about educating and assisting disadvantaged communities in taking control of their health through food and nutrition.

In her role at the CCI Montgomery WIC office, Asia works diligently to empower individuals to make informed dietary choices. By providing education, guidance, and resources, she bridges the gap between food and health, ensuring that everyone has the tools they need for optimal well-being.

With her culinary background, nutrition knowledge, and public health insights, Asia takes a holistic approach to nutrition counseling. She challenges misconceptions and breaks down barriers, particularly within disadvantaged communities. Asia believes in the transformative power of food and strives to inspire positive changes that lead to healthier lives.

Collaboration and community engagement are vital to Asia's mission. By partnering with local organizations, community leaders, and healthcare professionals, she builds a supportive network that fosters sustainable change. Together, they work towards creating a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Asia Bangura's story is one of inspiration and dedication. Through her passion for food and nutrition, she uplifts communities and empowers individuals to make positive choices. As she continues her journey, Asia is committed to ensuring that access to nutritious food and wellness education becomes a reality for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

Join us in celebrating Asia's work and embracing her vision for a healthier future. Together, we can create communities where everyone has the knowledge and resources to thrive through the power of food and nutrition.