National WIC Association

Meet 2023 Health Equity Champion: Brisa!

July 14, 2023



For over two decades, Brisa Isela Chávez has been an integral part of the WIC Program, driven by a sense of belonging and a deep passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion. As the WIC Lead Educator and Hispanic Outreach Coordinator in her department, Brisa recognizes the significance of being a community connector.

As one of the few bilingual Certified Lactation Counselors and a member of the local county breastfeeding coalition, Brisa strives to ensure that partnering organizations are equipped with culturally relevant breastfeeding information. By actively participating in collective efforts to establish a referral process that works for all, she ensures that breastfeeding resources are accessible to everyone in the community. Brisa understands the importance of advocating for interpretation services and inclusive practices during breastfeeding training opportunities.

In addition to her contributions within the WIC program, Brisa plays a vital role in her public health department. She co-facilitates health equity trainings for new employees, aiming to move beyond the mere use of health equity as a catchphrase and integrate equity principles into daily work. These trainings serve as a starting point for developing foundational knowledge and skills necessary to foster meaningful changes. Brisa also recognizes the value of language justice and ensures that bilingual team members have opportunities to obtain certifications in community interpretation, equipping them with essential skills to serve diverse populations.

Being part of the Health Equity Champions initiative brings Brisa a sense of happiness and relief. She understands that the journey of equity work is not an easy one and recognizes the importance of having a supportive community of peers in this role. Brisa is committed to continuing her efforts in creating systemic changes that will eliminate health disparities in all communities. She firmly believes in the importance of building pathways to ensure that the workforce reflects the true diversity of the community it serves. By advocating for culturally relevant information and employing distinctive styles and approaches to communication, Brisa strives to educate and empower others. Furthermore, she actively advocates for representation at decision-making tables county-wide, recognizing the significance of diverse voices in shaping equitable policies and practices.

Brisa Isela Chávez's unwavering commitment to health equity serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and community alike. Through her dedicated work as a WIC Lead Educator and Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, she bridges gaps, breaks down barriers, and promotes inclusivity. Brisa's determination to create meaningful change and eliminate health disparities fuels her journey as a Health Equity Champion. With each step forward, she brings us closer to a future where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, can access equitable and culturally relevant healthcare.