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Meredith Foundry 360

Meredith Foundry 360

Meredith Foundry 360 is dedicated to helping the National WIC Association provide moms with the best information on how to care for their growing families. Leveraging our status as the leading commercial publisher of parenthood content in the country, Meredith Foundry 360 acts as a strategic communications partner and consultant to NWA. As a company, we focus on providing all women with information and inspiration to create rich and meaningful lives.

Our purpose of joining with NWA and its member agencies is to more comprehensively serve a significant segment of our own audience. For 7+ years, we have been committed to furthering this goal through our relationship with NWA, and we look forward to enriching it with your input.

Company Purpose

To provide WIC moms with educational resources for NWA and brands that communicates with them.

WIC Products/Resources

Company Representative

Chuck Hajj, Executive Director, Meredith Foundry 360,, 212-499-2165: Contact us to learn how to receive our magazines; access research on the “Mom” Market; acquire product samples for your WIC facility, or to just tell us how we are doing.