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HemoPoint® H2 – Stanbio Laboratory

HemoPoint® H2 – Stanbio Laboratory

Stanbio’s Public Health Team understands the importance of good health to individuals during their early stages of life and to the ones that nurture and support them.

By providing live, personal customer support, we build relationships with each WIC agency to learn their situation and participant culture; we work to offer a reliable, stress free and affordable method to test participants for anemia.

The HemoPoint® H2 analyzer uses a simplified sample drawing method providing precise hemoglobin results from a single drop of whole blood. The advanced system has a 4,000 test memory, touchscreen and gives fast results so that your job of offering nutritional advice can begin immediately.

The WIC Training and Education Program includes HemoPoint® H2 installation, certification and refresher training sessions to WIC clinics. The “Hemo” character tool kit is packaged with unique items that will make the sometimes uncomfortable anemia testing procedure educational and fun for participants.

Company purpose: Your Patient’s Health: The Point of What We Do

WIC Products/Resources:

  • HemoPoint® H2 hemoglobin analyzer
  • Training and certification for WIC healthcare providers
  • WIC Education Pack for participants

Company Representative:

Patricia Breheny, Public Health Sales Manager
1-866-782-6246 (toll-free)
1-210-601-5252 (mobile)

Contact “Pat” for information on Stanbio’s HemoPoint® H2 hemoglobin analyzer and learn how you can obtain your free WIC Education tool kit!