National WIC Association

Committee and Task Force Roster

NWA Committee and Task Force Roster


Finance Committee
Amanda Hovis, Treasurer & Committee Chair
Paul Throne, Chair-Elect
Samantha Blanchard, Nutrition Services Section
Angela Hammond-Damon, Nutrition Services Section
Douglas Greenaway, Ex-Officio, NWA National Office Liaison


Bylaws Committee
Tammye Farmer-Holloman, Chair
Thomas Shuff, State Agency Section
Bridgette Delgman-Yawberry, Nutrition Services Section
Elizabeth Barlow, Local Agency Section
Vacant, Native American Coalition
Rick Wardle, At-Large
Rachel Markham, At-Large
Alexis Stoneking, At-Large
Rebecca Gruenes, Board Liaison
Emily Gilcher, NWA National Office Liaison

Nominating Committee
Berry Kelly, Chair-Emeritus
Kate Franken, State Agency Section Representative
Erin James, Native American Section Representative
Beth Honerman, Nutrition Services Section Representative
Carrie Zavala, Local Agency Section Representative


2021 NWA WIC Technology, Program Integrity, and Vendor Management Conference Planning Committee
Serena Parnau, State Agency Section
TBD, Nutrition Services Section
Katie Tallman, Local Agency Section
Megan Burnett, Native American Coalition
Ross Bradley, At-Large
Sherri Easter, At-Large
Thomas Shuff, At-Large
Lindsay Wild, At-Large
Courtney Puidk, At-Large
William Kaericher, Sustaining Member
Sarah Bennett, Board Liaison
Chandra Champion, NWA National Office Liaison

Breastfeeding Promotion Committee
Dori Monica, Chair
Amy Resnik, State Agency Section
Christina Perry, Nutrition Services Section
Dee Huerta, Local Agency Section
Jessika Free, Native American Coalition
Cheryl Lorie, At-Large
Carole Peterson, At-Large
Pua Kaiwi, At-Large
Darlena Birch, NWA National Office Liaison
Laura Spaulding, Board Liaison

Calendar Committee
Cecilia Richardson, Chair
Mark Nielsen, State Agency Section
Julia Spinetta, Local Agency Section
Vacant, Nutrition Services Section
Kadee Holmes, Native American Coalition
Alexandra Reverendo, At-Large
Tabitha Hicks, At-Large
Crindie Hudson, At-Large
Mary Dallavale, Consultant
Darlena Birch, NWA National Office Liaison
Sarah Bennett, Board Liaison

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee
Uranus "Rae" Mapson, Co-Chair
Christina Plaskonos, Co-Chair
Marika Baptist, State Agency Section
Jessica Armstrong, Nutrition Services Section
LaShonna Thompson, Local Agency Section
VacantNative American Coalition
Stacey Busey, At-Large
Grace McKenzie, At-Large
Lela Stapler, At-Large
LaKeisha Davis, Board Liaison
Maureen Lytle, NWA National Office Liaison
Brittany Van Pelt, NWA National Office Liaison

Evaluation Committee
Devina Wadhera, Chair
Joni Geppert, State Agency Section
Amy Malinowski, Nutrition Services Section
Sarah Younker, Local Agency Section
Vacant, Native American Coalition
Jordan Friend, At-Large
Bagyalakshmi Kodur, At-Large
Michaela Phillips, At-Large
Kelley Scanlon, USDA-FNS Partner
Courtney Paolicelli, USDA-FNS Partner
Joanne Guthrie, USDA-ERS Partner
Georgia Machell, PhD, NWA National Office Liaison
Christina Windrix, Board Liaison

Leadership Academy Development Advisory Committee
Rita Arni, Currently Recruiting ReplacementChair
VacantState Agency Section
VacantNutrition Services Section
Dawn Ballosingh, Local Agency Section
Jessika Free, Native American Coalition
Todd Kirkpatrick, At-Large
Mary Ellison, At-Large
Vacant, At-Large
Patti Hauser, Leadership Academy Academic Supervisor
Emily Gilcher, NWA National Office Liaison
Lissa Sirois, Board Liaison

Legislative Committee
Heidi Hoffman, Chair
Sean Mack, State Agency Section
Tiare T. Sanna, Nutrition Services Section
Christine O'Brien, Local Agency Section
Melinda Newport, Native American Coalition
Leslie Hibbs, At-Large
Theresa Landau, At-Large
Lexie Stoneking, At-Large
Paula Garrett, Board Liaison
Brian Dittmeier, NWA National Office Liaison
Noora Kanfash, NWA Nationa Office Liaison
Douglas Greenaway, Ex-Officio, NWA National Office Liaison

Member Benefit Fund Committee
Beth Beachy, Chair
Mitzi Fritschen, State Agency Section
TBD, Nutrition Services Section
TBD, Native American Coalition
TBD, Local Agency Section
Dawn Briner, Emeritus Member
Amanda Hovis, Emeritus Member
Leonard Mirabal, Emeritus Member
Mary Higgins, Emeritus Member
Ankita Tandel, At-Large
Regina Brady, Board Liaison
Emily Gilcher, NWA National Office Liaison

Reach Them, Teach Them, Keep Them Committee
Jose Luis Diaz, Chair
Ernest Le, State Agency Section
Tara Olson, Local Agency Section
Renee Wing, Nutrition Services Section
Manon Taylor, Native American Coalition
Lisa Scully, At-Large
Amanda Malone, At-Large
Shannon Hudson, At-Large
Blythe Thomas, Consultant
Whitney Carlson, NWA National Office Liaison
Kate Franken, Board Liaison

Vendor Business Practices Committee
Kelli Darland, Chair
Heidi Staats, State Agency Section
Laurie Somerhausen, Local Agency Section
Sara Sloan, Nutrition Services Section
Mallory Phelps, Native American Coalition
Celeste Lunceford, At-Large
Kim Boulette, At-Large
Carrie Coenen, At-Large
Noora Kanfash, NWA Nationa Office Liaison
Brian Dittmeier, NWA National Office Liaison
David Thomason, Board Liaison

WIC Hub Committee
Brandon Whitney, Chair 
Vacant, State Agency Section
Emily Woody, Nutrition Services Section
Vacant, Native American Coalition
Filomena Ahlefeld, Local Agency Section
Vacant, At-Large
Kathleen Rebollo, At Large
Vacant, At-Large
Maureen Lytle, NWA National Office Liaison
Mary Ann Burghardt, NWA Board Liaison 


Environmental Quality & WIC Task Force
TBD, Chair
Lissa Sirois, State Agency Section
Kristen Hanulcik, Nutrition Services Section
TBD, Native American Coalition
TBD, Local Agency Section
Karen Bettin, At-Large
Valerie Albert, At-Large
Katie Harding-Mendez, At-Large
Noora Kanfash, NWA National Office Liaison
Jody Shriver, NWA Board Liaison 

Farmers Market Programs Task Force
Madison Reed, Chair
Maria Menor, State Agency Section
Mary Nauert, Local Agency Section
Samantha Blanchard, Nutrition Services Section
Rhonda Skelton, Native American Coalition
Rachel Markham, At-Large
Lorie Brendecke, At-Large
Caryn Wittry (Vacancy opening soon), At-Large
Noora Kanfash, NWA National Office Liaison
Tecora Smith, Board Liaison

Infant Mortality in WIC Task Force
Jennifer Ortiz, Chair
Breanne Haviland, State Agency Section
Natalie Alcaraz, Local Agency Section
Lindsey Dermid Gray, Nutrition Services Section
Melody Shrank, Native American Coalition
Lorrie Brooks, At-Large
Elizabeth Hulbrook, At-Large
Jessica Smith, At-Large
Dyane Gogan Turner, Consultant
Darlena Birch, NWA National Office Liaison
Samantha Blanchard, Board Liaison

Maternal Mortality in WIC Task Force
Kathleen Hiltwine, State Agency Section
Linda M. Kilby, Local Agency Section
Heather Kristofzski-Raizor, Nutrition Services Section
Vacant, Native American Coalition
Bridget Millich, At-Large
Holly Beck, At-Large
Sheryl Pickering, At-Large
Darlena Birch, NWA National Office Liaison
Beth Honerman, Board Liaison

Recruitment and Retention of Registered Dietitians (RDs) in WIC
Susan Wnuk, Chair
Peggy Trouba, State Agency Section
Dr. Linda M. Kilby, Local Agency Section
Kate Andrus, Nutrition Services Section
Cheri Nemec, Native American Coalition
Beth Cordova, At-Large
Kathy Duffy, At-Large
Vacant, At-Large
Darlena Birch, NWA National Office Liaison
Stephanie Bender, Board Liaison

Task Force on the Inclusion of Dads in the WIC Experience
Todd Mountin, Chair
Charles Lorinser, State Agency Section
Christine Smith, Local Agency Section
Frank Napolitano, Nutrition Services Section
Machaela Taylor, Native American Coalition
Tami Kepa'a, At-Large
Denise Duggan, At-Large
Claudette Hayes-Sowers, At-Large
Dawn Briner, Emeritus-Member
Whitney Carlson, NWA National Office Liaison
Angela Hammond-Damon, Board Liaison

WIC Program Management Task Force
Phoebe McDermott, Chair 
Thomas Shuff, State Agency Section
Jennifer Madden Smith, Nutrition Services Section
Gina Keenan, Native American Coalition
Danielle White, Local Agency Section
Brittany Cook, At-Large
Leah Sallas, At Large
Rose Douglass, At-Large
Noora Kanfash, NWA National Office Liaison
Dave Thomason, NWA Board Liaison 

Joint Work Group with USDA/FNS

Risk Identification and Selection Collaborative (RISC)
Marta Kealey, Chair (USDA/FNS)
Five NWA Voting Representatives:
Cassanda Lloyd (1)
Kelley May (2)
Danae Olson (3)
Alan Brown, (4)
Janie Clay, (5)
Egondu Onuoha, Consultant
Darlena Birch, NWA National Office Liaison
Christina Windrix, Board Liaison

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