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2021 VIRTUAL Pre-Conference Biennial NWA WIC Technology, Program Integrity, and Vendor Management Education & Networking Conference and Exhibits

October 4, 2021

Registration Closed

About the Conference

Building and implementing client-centered technology to achieve WIC’s program mission

FREE preconference workshop for NWA Technology Conference attendees

Date: Monday, October 4, 2021     Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Facilitated by civic tech leaders Nava and Code for America, this 4-hour interactive workshop will focus on growing attendee knowledge and skills for building client-centered technology in the WIC program. Attendees will learn about the principles of human-centered technology, practice implementing those principles through activities, and develop components of a technology project plan to use in future grant/project applications. Topics covered include 1) moving from a requirements-driven technology framework to a people-centered technology framework, 2) goal setting and using technology as a tool for achieving program goals, 3) components of modern software development, including modular technology architecture to prevent vendor lock-in and avoid creating brittle monolithic systems that are expensive to update, starting small and learning and adapting as you go, rapid and iterative cycles of implementation (agile development), and building and implementing technology in partnership with clients and staff (human-centered design),  4) project management and procurement structures that promote human-centered technology development and implementation, and 5) measuring success.


Workshop attendees are asked to come to the workshop with a WIC client or staff challenge that they are interested in solving with technology that they will workshop with other conference attendees and Nava and Code for America staff throughout the session.


This session is limited to the first 100 registrants...please note you must be registered for the full Virtual Conference and your registration must be already PAID in FULL in order to participate in the Pre-Conference. 

Speakers include:

Martelle Esposito, MS, MPH, Senior Program Strategist at Nava

Eleanor Davis, MPH, Associate Director of Insight and Impact at Code for America

Sasha Reid, Senior Software Engineer at Nava

Mandy Brown, Senior Product Manager at Nava

Genevieve Gaudet, MPH, Design Director for Research and Development at Nava

Simone Sequeira, Lead Product Manager at Code for America

Cost: This FREE preconference interactive workshop is only available for individuals who are registered for the  Virtual 2021 Biennial WIC Technology, Program Integrity and Vendor Management Education and Networking Conference.

Note: Spaces will be limited and you must register no later than October 1 at 3:00 pm EDT