National WIC Association

Academic Administrator in Maternal and Child Nutrition

University of California Davis (Davis, CA)

Academic Administrators are appointees who administer programs that provide service closely related to the teaching and research mission of the University. The Academic Administrator oversees complex units with a substantial amount of independence and works closely or jointly with faculty. An Academic Administrator is primarily an administrative position. Any contributions to teaching would be considered part of the University and Public Service and evaluated as part of service. An Academic Administrator is not a faculty title and as such is not eligible to be an Instructor of Record. Appointees in the Academic Administrator title series cannot be independently responsible for conducting regular courses but may provide a guest lecture in their area of expertise. An appointee in the Academic Administrator title series is not provided automatic Principal Investigator status. Their role in research is typically in the administration and management of the research enterprise, budget, planning, etc.
This position serves as Director of the UC Davis Human Lactation Center, a fully self-supporting research, training, and outreach center housed in the Department of Nutrition, and Director of the Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition (MCN), a self-supporting departmental master's degree program. Responsibilities include administration and management of programs, professional competence and activity, and university and public service.

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