National WIC Association

Data Visualization Researcher

California Department of Public Health (Sacramento, CA)

The duties of this position support the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Mission Statement to advance the health and well-being of California’s diverse people and communities. As an employee of the Data Analysis, Research and Evaluation (DARE) Section, the incumbent serves as part of a team that collects, analyzes and leverages data and research to benefit and optimize WIC programs, policies and operations.

Under the general supervision of the Research Scientist Supervisor I (RSS I), Chief of the DARE Section. The Research Scientist II (Epidemiology/Biostatistics) (RS II) serves as the WIC expert on data visualization and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The RS II performs all GIS program monitoring and evaluation activities to produce appropriate maps and data visualization products, as well as educates staff and stakeholders on their use. The RS II plays the critical role of developing and applying geospatial, epidemiological, and statistical methods to identify areas of unmet need in California; monitors and evaluates program impact; assists and trains state and local agency staffs in the use of CDPH/WIC’s Tableau-based reporting system; and develops and presents maps and other visual information to internal and external stakeholders to target outreach strategies, assess program impact, and guide public health policy and programs.

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