National WIC Association

Nutrition/Breastfeeding Program Services Manager

​​​​​​​Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) - Division of Public Health (Lincoln, NE)

The Nutrition/Breastfeeding Program Services Manager is employed by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in the Division of Public Health, Lifespan Health Unit, and manages the nutrition, breastfeeding and program services sections of the WIC Program. 


Examples of work:  Manages priorities and goals for the annual federal grant components that guide the program implementation and operations of the nutrition, breastfeeding, and program services area of the WIC Program. Plans, assigns and directs the work of four WIC Coordinators/RDs responsible for program areas of outreach, breastfeeding coordination, nutrition coordination, clinic services, and local agency staff training and communication.  Creates and monitors the DHHS WIC program budget in the area of nutrition, breastfeeding and program services. Oversee and approve the expenditures of WIC Coordinators/RDs in these areas. Provide input to the Program Manager on local agency grants and budgets. Identifies key data needs for management decisions, partnerships and goals in the nutrition, breastfeeding and program services areas. Leads the local agency program monitoring and ensure the completion of local agency monitoring to meet compliance requirements with state and federal regulations. Use monitoring data to make strategic recommendations to program manager on program improvements and operations.  Designs and implements a communication plan and process for routinely conferring with and informing local agency management. Maintains and directs the training process for thirteen local agency WIC management staff, including the local agency WIC Director and agency administrators.  Leads and coordinates the application process for additional WIC program grants, such as special project grants and other competitive project related grant opportunities. Collaborates on internal and external research projects, including FNS research projects and grants.

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