National WIC Association


Marion County WIC (Salem, OR)

Job Description  

Provides nutrition intervention for high-risk WIC clients, including counseling, development of an individual care plan, and follow-up appointments. Provides consultation, counseling and education to individuals and agencies concerned with proper food selection and nutrition; assists in promoting a nutrition program; does related work as required.
Works under the general direction of the program supervisor.
Supervision of other employees is not a responsibility of positions in this class but may exercise lead responsibility over other WIC staff. Will provide guidance to student interns seeking experience in WIC.

          Typical Duties - Duties include, but are not limited to the following

Understands the WIC program and provides client services which includes:

·Correctly describes WIC to a potential participant.

·Correctly screens participants for eligibility.

·Correctly explains a WIC participant’s rights and responsibilities.

·Greets participants in a friendly manner in the reception area and when escorting to service areas along with describing for the client, the process to expect.

·Provides certification duties for high-risk clients (and  low/moderate risk when necessary) which involves:  

o    Performing weights, measurements, and hemoglobin tests on women, infants, and children up to the age of 5 years;

o    Reviews and assesses diet recalls with clients to determine adequacy; 

o    Reviews growth grids/weight gain grids, and hemoglobin levels with clients;

o    Correctly issues food benefits for clients as needed & offers education on the correct use of WIC food benefits

o    Provide nutrition education for identified nutrition goals or concerns following diet history

o    Issues breast pumps and provides related client education; 

o    Clearly document information in client charts in WIC database

o    Refers clients to other medical/social resources for positive health outcomes

o    Helps plan & teach group nutrition education classes

·Provides follow up consultations for high-risk clients as scheduled

·Provides nutrition related trainings to WIC staff and community partners

·Precepts student interns working with health education activities

·Manages specialty formula documentation and communications through formula warehouse

·Processes medical documentation forms

·General clinic operations:

o    Utilize phone systems to receive internal & external calls, transfer calls, retrieve messages and utilize intercom system to manage internal clinic operations.

o    Utilize WIC data system to check clients in and to schedule appointments & classes

o    Uses technology and program equipment/materials in appropriate and safe manner in compliance with Marion County and Health Department policies and procedures.

o    Performs duties within the context of written policies of Marion County, Oregon State WIC policy, and USDA regulations.

o    Complies with the provisions of Civil Rights laws, regulations and policies.

o    Practices positive work ethics to ensure program integrity (honesty, integrity).

o    Drive vehicles to rural clinics / off-site locations to provide client & support services as needed /scheduled

o    Shares coverage of late clinic operations and may be asked to provide staff coverage for weekend services.

o    Participates actively in staff development/training

·Performs other duties as assigned

Response Level 2: In the event of an emergency, employee makes a reasonable effort to report to work. Employee may be required to perform duties outside of their regularly assigned duties. Employee may be requested to work an extended or flexible schedule. Staff at this response level must complete Incident Command System 100 and 700 on-line or in-person training.


Please refer to Carole Boliou as the hiring supervisor



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