National WIC Association

Nutritionist II

SCDHEC of Spartanburg (Spartanburg County, SC)

Conducts individualized nutrition assessments to evaluate participant eligibility for certification on the Women, Infant, & Children (WIC) Program, including obtaining thorough health history, dietary recall, anthropometrics and biochemical data, evaluation of risk status, and referral screening. Prescribes tailored WIC food packages. Completes documentation for high Risk participants utilizing SOAP Note format. Provides and documents individualized nutrition follow up for low risk participants.

Delivers individualized and group nutrition education and counseling to low risk participants. Use motivational interviewing techniques to facilitate behavior change. Works with clients to develop mutual nutrition and/or physical activity goals. Refers low risk participants to web-based nutrition education. Develops, conducts, and evaluates group nutrition education for WIC participants following the facilitated learning process.

Provides breastfeeding promotion and support to pregnant and breastfeeding participants. Screens all pregnant and breastfeeding participants and refers to the appropriate level of care. Issues and monitors breastfeeding supplies.

Provides formula education and support to participants on WIC contract and List I special formulas. Monitors WIC contract and special formulas as assigned. Refers all participants on List II special formulas and metabolic formulas to the Registered Dietitian.

Ensures professional skills and knowledge are maintained through participation in continuing education opportunities, WIC trainings, region in-service programs, and agency required trainings. Complete and maintain Certified Lactation Counselor credential if required for the job duties.

Promotes and builds up the WIC Program through active participation as a member of a multidisciplinary WIC team in clinic/class scheduling, caseload monitoring, and outreach; works with other program staff and disciplines to enhance integration and quality of service.

Assists with the maintenance and upkeep of nutrition education materials and resources. Prepares and submits required reports and other duties as assigned.

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