National WIC Association

Nutritionist Senior

Virginia Department of Health (Roanoke, VA)

Supervises nutrition staff in clinics and/or coordinates all WIC and other nutritional program components district wide.

Responsible for work direction and quality assurance.

Performs nutrition assessments, evaluates patient needs, prepares a written care plan, counsels patients according to needs

Follows patient until problems are resolved

Documents care and if a reimbursable service, completes nutrition portion of billing form

Coordinates training for professional, paraprofessional and technical support staff

May perform other related administrative tasks

Monitors/evaluates employee performance

Understands Administrative policies and procedures and ensures compliance

Ensures adequate staffing and training

Works closely with district locations/staff and creates a customer friendly environment and handles questions/complaints

Maintains inventory of equipment/materials

Determines program/supply/equipment needs; ensures required authorization; ensures office(s) are well- maintained and presentable

Assures Separation of Duties as in compliance with policy and performs quality assurance audits

Prescribes food package tailored to needs, policies and procedures

Schedules, provides and documents basic/secondary nutrition education

Promotes nutrition programs, best practices and may act as a subject matter expert for participants

May be required to perform other duties as assigned; may include functions in support of an emergency declaration

Independently performs routine nutrition and tasks

Coordinates/monitors local agency programs and reports changes

Updates quality improvement measures

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