National WIC Association

Registered Dietician

Nooksack Indian Tribe (Everson, WA)

The Registered Dietician plans, organizes, conducts and evaluates all nutritional components of
 Instructs individuals and families in nutritional principles, diet, food selection and food
preparation. Provides medical nutrition therapy for nutrition related medical disorders
based on assessment of nutritional needs.
 The dietitian performs the following:
o Assessment of nutrition and educational needs
o Planning and teaching of behavioral change process
o Implementation of education/nutrition plan
o Documentation of MNT and follow-up with primary care provider
o Evaluation of MNT based on outcome criteria
 Provides consultation to and works with community groups.
 Coordinates with Nooksack Tribal department staff in conducting health, nutrition and
physical activity programs.
 Plans or participates in development of program proposals for funding.
 Conducts or participates in In-Service Education and consultation with professional staff and
supporting personnel of own related organizations.
 Evaluates food service systems and makes recommendation for conformance level that will
provide optimal nutritional component upon request.
 Performs duties of Nooksack WIC Nutritionist.
 Other duties may be assigned.

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