National WIC Association

Registered Dietitian-Nutrition Consultant

Jefferson County Health Department (Birmingham, AL)

Job Title: Registered Dietitian- Nutrition Consultant

Job Description: Registered Dietitian- Nutrition Consultants with the Jefferson County Department of Health WIC Program are responsible for assessing clients to determine their eligibility for participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children-WIC. These individuals assist clients with making healthy choices based on their nutritional needs. They make referrals to other resources as necessary. They monitor client progress and assist them when necessary. Nutrition Consultants also assist with several administrative responsibilities including inventory management, training, and providing basic customer service. Nutrition Consultants also participate in the education and training of the general public and various community groups. Their work is performed under the supervision of a Sr. Nutrition Consultant and is reviewed through meetings, audits of records and reports.

Organization Name: Jefferson County Department of Health

City, State: Birmingham, Alabama

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