National WIC Association

Senior Public Health Nutritionist

Florida Department of Health (MIAMI, FL)

Responsible for the supervision of staff Including appraisals, planning, and directing their work, approving leave, having the authority for hiring, and taking disciplinary action or effectively recommending such actions. The incumbent provides services for the Women Infant Children (WIC) Program in accordance with DHM 150-24, and the FL-WISE User’s Manual.  Incumbent is responsible to follow and adhere to all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Florida Department of Health (FL-DOH) and the WIC and Nutrition Program.  The incumbent in this position will have the authorized “need to know” access to confidential WIC client records, and the FL-WISE data system. Assignments of Duty Station, hours and days worked may vary based on agency/unit needs. Incumbent will have access to records containing social security numbers in the performance of job duties. The incumbent of the position will work with a diverse population and will deliver services in English/Spanish or English / Creole. Provides appropriate nutrition counseling and education to WIC participants.  Provides breastfeeding education to pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women. Documents findings and recommendations for all clients in the WIC electronic record. Consults healthcare professionals and makes recommendations concerning nutritional findings and needs of clients. Makes appropriate referrals.

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