National WIC Association

WIC Director

Merced County Community Action Agency (Merced, CA)

DEFINITION:  Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, responsible for direction, administration, supervision and coordination of the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Supplemental and Nutrition Program.  This is an exempt position.  EXAMPLE OF DUTIES:  -   Supervise, direct, schedules and make decisions concerning the program’s caseload management. -   Provide technical assistance, coaching, counseling, training and development to WIC staff. -   Assist with the development, maintenance and monitoring of the operational program budget. -   Oversee preparation and assist with grant applications and the development of the Nutrition      Services Plan and Request for Application. -   Establish protocols to ensure that state mandates are followed. -   Prepare reports, attend and conduct management, staff, and community meetings. -   Participate on the management negotiation team. 

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