National WIC Association

WIC RD/RN/Nutritionist (36 hours/week) – Frankfort, IN

Indiana Health Centers (Clinton County, IN)



Clinton County WIC Program


Position Type:


Full Time

The position listed below is open and available to all qualified candidates.  Any individuals interested in submitting their application for candidacy should do so in writing.  All submissions should identify the position. Please forward all resumes and cover letters to Kelly Rochford:


The WIC Nutritionist contributes to IHC’s mission and goals of client satisfaction, quality of care, cost competitiveness, and productivity by certifying participants and providing dietary assessment and education to promote health in mothers and children. The WIC Nutritionist works with other WIC staff and WIC clients to improve the nutrition and health of WIC clients and their families.  Takes a leadership role in representing IHC and WIC in the community.


Knowledge of dietary and nutritional assessment and education and public health care concepts, principles, and methods.  Knowledge permits the employee to carry out undemanding assignments and gain familiarity with the practices and objectives of the discipline.  Knowledge of common practices of dietary and nutritional assessment and education.  Knowledge permits the WIC Nutritionist to complete routine medical and healthcare procedures.

Assessment and Education:

  • Performs WIC certifications including:
    • Taking anthropometric and biochemical measurements,
    • Making nutritional assessments,
    • Developing and documenting customized care plans and completing all required WIC chart documentation.
    • Providing referrals, scheduling appointments, and issuing food packages.
  • Plans, implements and evaluates the nutrition education component of the local WIC program.
  • Assists with planning, implementing and coordinating the conduct of WIC operations.
  • Provides nutrition education to high-risk patients and promotes breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding.
  • Assists with public relations between the WIC program and the community.


  • Prepares, maintains, and reviews all records and reports for timeliness and accuracy.
  • Provides back-up supervision when Site Supervisor is not available.

Communication and Relationship Building –Able to:

  • Effectively communicate ideas with a wide range of educational levels, verbally and in writing, in one-on-one and group settings
  • Maintain working relationships with WIC staff and clients, community groups and hospitals
  • Resolve conflicts, think creatively and negotiate solutions
  • Demonstrate positive customer service skills.

Nutrition and Public Health Nursing – Able to:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of food composition, normal nutrition, nutritional risks and their implications for health.
  • Apply knowledge of food composition, normal nutrition, nutritional risks & health affects
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cultural and ethnic food and nutrition practices
  • Prepare and maintains accurate and up-to-date WIC records, both paper and electronic
  • Perform responsibilities accurately, efficiently and timely.
  • Maintain participant confidentiality
  • Counsels with emotional-based technique required by ISDH.
  • Educates participants about lifestyle choices that will positively impact health outcomes.

Administration and Management –Able to:

  • Work in high performing work teams and maintain a team approach to problem solving
  • Performs responsibilities accurately, efficiently and timely

Process Improvement – Able to:

  • Analyze work flow and implement process improvements where necessary
  • Design, initiate, and/or participate in process improvement projects

Technology –proficient in computer skills, including typing and use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, WIC software


  1. RN, RD, or RDE (RD eligible); or
  2. BS Family Consumer Sciences (Home Economics or similar) with an emphasis in Nutrition defined as a minimum of 9 hours in nutrition which include:
  • 3hrs introductory nutrition
  • 3hrs life cycle nutrition or maternal/infant nutrition
  • 3hrs advanced nutrition

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